I Am Ammar

Jul 31, 2020

3 min read

VMA Nomination Roundups: Artist of The Year/Best New Artist

Usually I couldn’t give less shits about what any award shows have to say. The nominations feel so random at times and the winners even more so. More than any of that I just frankly usually don’t care what any of these organizations who pretend to grant legitimacy have to say, but alas I have the time so I thought it might be fun to talk a little about them… even if I don’t care… I mean it, I swear awards don’t matter to me…

Anyways these are my VMA nomination roundups.

Artist of The Year

Justin Bieber — Ahahahahhaha… Oh wait… You’re serious… He was nominated? But what the fuck did he do this year? Look, Bieber has some good songs, Bieber even has some great songs. I like more of his stuff than I would care to admit, but seriously someone tell me what he did this year to deserve this?

Lady Gaga — Uhh… I’m just as happy as everyone else to see Lady Gaga back on the charts. She’s talented no doubt, but its not her time anymore. Yes, she’s still making great music, but if you’re gonna name an Artist of The Year for 2020 I think giving it to Gaga would be a huge oversight.

Post Malone — He had some great songs. Do I agree? No, but I see the reasoning.

Megan Thee Stalion — I never sit down and listen to her but she does have bars and giving artist of the year to a non-Nikki Mihnaj female rapper makes sense for 2020.

The Weeknd — Killer singles and a fantastic album. I like this choice.

Why is Dua Lipa not on here? Seriously, someone tell me where the fuck she is! Does MTV just hate her? Like, who thought Bieber had a better year than Dua Lipa? Future Nostalgia blew that man’s whole career out of the water.

Push Best New Artist

Doja Cat — She’s got some bops, I like it.

Jack Harlow — Seriously? Jack Harlow? No hate, he’s not bad… but really?

Lewis Capaldi — This nomination disappoints me so much. Capaldi is so unreasonably boring. I understand that I can’t like every artist, and I do understand the appeal of him, but I would hope that this category would promote artists a little less… cliché. Again, I understand the appeal but there are a million Capaldi’s already in the industry and a million more coming up, it just seems like a waste to put him here.

Roddy Ricch — I mean ‘The Box’ was good… I guess his other stuff was pretty good too, I definitely see where this is coming from.

Tate McRae — Kinda seems to me like she’s a worse Dua Lipa who’s trying to be a Billie Eilish… I do think she’s talented, and I’m really interested to see where she goes as she comes into her own sound as it stands now thought — meh. She fits right in to the 2020 sound and she has some bangers so I understand the nomination but she wouldn’t be my personal pick for Best New Artist.

YUNGBLUD — When did twenty-one pilots become so edgy? But in all seriousness, he has a cool blend of pop-punk, hip-hop and pop and I’m excited to see where he goes from here. I think this is definitely one of the better nominations.

The nominations for this award honestly aren’t as frustrating as they have been for others.